The pictures of these beads on our website are just a reference to tell you that they are in mixed colours or mixed shapes. However,the colours or shapes we get from the factory may vary each time.
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POM Plastic Side Release Buckles, Survival Bracelet Clasps, Black

Size: about 15mm wide, 30mm long, 7mm thick, hole: 3x10mm, 10pcs/set;

about 20mm wide, 46mm long, 9mm thick, hole: 4x16mm, 10pcs/set;

about 30mm wide, 68mm long, 10mm thick, hole: 5x24mm, 10pcs/set;

about 25mm wide, 52mm long, 8mm thick, Hole: 3x21mm, 10pcs/set;

about 38mm wide, 58mm long, 9mm thick, Hole: 5x32mm, 10pcs/set.
Priced per 1 Set
Please Note: Due to stock variety, color or shape of mixed products may vary from photo sample shown on our website.


Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Usage: Clasps

Offer: Mixed Products

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 60% off