Steel Memory Wire,Bracelets Making,Nickel Free,Platinum,5.5cm,Wire : 18 Gauge,1.0mm,about 10circle/Set(X-MW5.5CM-1-NF)

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Steel Memory Wire,Bracelets Making,Nickel Free,Platinum

5.5cm,Wire : 18 Gauge,1.0mm; about 10circle/Set

Do you know why these wires are called inchesMemory Wire inches? I will tell you the answer. Calling them that because they are formed in the shape of annulus,just like a spring. It will not easily deformation unless you really overwork it. It is usually used as beading medium which means you can string jewelry beads you like on it,just like hemp,nylon and others.
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Material: Steel

Wire Size: 1mm

Usage: Wire

Wire Gauge: 18 Gauge(1mm)

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