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2CR13# Stainless Steel Jewelry Plier Sets,including Needle Nose Plier,Round Nose Plier,Side Cutting Pliers, Flat Nose Plier and Short Chain Nose Pliers, Stainless Steel Color

Size: packing: about 20x33.5x5.5cm; 5pcs/set.

Needle Nose Plier: 15.5x5x1cm.

Round Nose Plier: 15.5x5x1cm.

Side Cutting Plier: 14.5x5x1cm.

Flat Nose Plier: 15.5x4.5x1cm.

Short Chain Nose Pliers: 15.5x5x1cm.
Priced per 1 Set


Material: Stainless Steel

Metal Color: Stainless Steel Color

Usage: Plier Sets

Feature: Other Sharp Tool

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 35% off