OPP Cellophane Bags, Small Jewelry Storage Bags, Self-Adhesive Sealing Bags, Rectangle, Clear, 7x5cm; Unilateral thickness: 0.035mm; Inner measure: 4.5x5cm(X-OPC-R012-10)

  • Unit: 100 pc Weight: 20 g Stock Available: 115 unit


OPP Cellophane Bags, Rectangle, Clear

Size: about 70mm long, 50mm wide; inner measure: 45x50mm, Unilateral thickness: 0.035mm.

The products are fashionable and stylish. The latest bracelets have multiple style and color that offer more choice for you. It is more beautiful when wearing.
Priced per 100 pc


Color: Clear

Material: OPP Cellophane

Usage: Bags

Bag Size: 1~10cm

Feature: Transparent Plastic Bags

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 35% off