Iron Open Jump Rings, Nickel Free, Platinum Color, 21 Gauge, 6x0.7mm, Inner Diameter: 5mm, about 915pcs/50g(X-JR6mm-NF)

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Metal Color Platinum
Material Iron
Finish Nickel Free
Shape Ring
Usage Open Jump Rings
Wire Gauge 21 Gauge(0.7mm)
Iron jump ring, Open Jump Rings, Platinum Color, Nickel Free Size: about 6mm in diameter, 0.7mm thick(21 Gauge), 5mm inner diameter, 910pcs/50g

Iron Jump Rings are a basic component in jewelry making and design. It is popularly used as a connector in jewelry construction. It can be used for attaching charms to necklaces or bracelets.
Priced per 49 g

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