Rose Gold Brass Chain Extender with Lobster Claw Clasp and Folding Crimp Ends, 67mm, Lobster Clasp: 12x8x3mm, End: 9x4mm, Iron Circle: 3mm inner diameter(X-KK-G149-RG)

  • Unit: 5 Set Weight: 8 g Stock Available: 21 unit


Ends With Chain And Clasps, Brass, Rose Gold

Size: chain about 67mm long; lobster clasp: 12x8x3mm; End: 9x4mm; iron circle: 3mm inner diameter.

The clip ends can be connected with chain or cord to be decent necklace tail chain or bracelet tail chain.
Priced per 5 Set


Material: Brass

Metal Color: Rose Gold

Usage: Chain Extender

Offer: Featured