Transparent Colours Rainbow Round Glass Seed Beads, DarkTurquoise, Size: about 3mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 1102pcs/50g(X-SEED-A007-3mm-163B)

  • Unit: 50 g Weight: 58 g Stock Available: 40 unit


Round Glass Seed Beads, Transparent Colours Rainbow, Round, Dark Turquoise

Size: about 3mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 1102pcs/50g

The transparent rainbow glass seed beads are very beautiful just like the colourful rainbow after the rain.These glass seed beads play an important role in jewelry design. They also can be combined with other styled seed beads for threading onto leather necklace and macrame creations and tying onto scarves or weaving into braids.
Priced per 50 g


Color: Dark Turquoise

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Usage: Beads

Seed Classification: Transparent Colours Rainbow

Seed Beads Size: 8/0

Hole Style: Round Hole