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Best Selling Products

  • Vacuum Plating 304 Stainless Steel Cable Chains, for DIY Jewelry Making, Soldered, with Spool, Flat Oval, Golden, 1.5x1.3x0.3mm; about 10m/roll

    US $7.68/1Roll

  • Carbon Steel Jewelry Pliers for Jewelry Making Supplies, Round Nose Pliers, Wire Cutter, Polishing, Black, Gunmetal, 128x65x10mm

    US $1.34/1pc

  • CCB Plastic Beads, Round, Light Gold, 5x4.5mm, Hole: 1.5mm

    US $0.79/200pc

  • Handmade Polymer Clay Beads, Round, Mixed Color, about 10mm in diameter, hole: 2mm

    US $0.66/20pc

  • Natural Amethyst Beads Strands, Round, Indigo, 8mm, Hole: 1mm; about 24pcs/strand, 7.6 inches

    US $4.18/1Strand

  • Natural Indian Agate Beads Strands, Round, 4mm, Hole: 1mm, about 43pcs/strand, 7.2inches

    US $0.91/1Strand

  • Natural Turquoise Beads Strands, Dyed, Round, 8mm, Hole: 1mm; about 46pcs/strand, 15.35''(39cm)

    US $1.45/1Strand

  • Glass Beads Strands, Faceted, Round & Oval & Flat Round & Heart & Polygon, Colorful, 1~20x2~16x2~13mm, Hole: 0.5~2mm; about 60~80pcs/strand, 15.35inches~16.14inches(39~41cm)

    US $0.70/1Strand

  • Natural Cherry Blossom Jasper Beads Strands, Frosted, Round, 6~6.5mm, Hole: 1mm; about 63pcs/strand, 15.5inches

    US $1.77/1Strand

  • Alloy European Dangle Beads, Star, Antique Silver, 23mm, Hole: 5mm

    US $0.28/5pc

  • 201 Stainless Steel Filigree Pendants, Etched Metal Embellishments, Kaleidoscope, Rainbow, Multi-color, 22x20x0.3mm, Hole: 1.2mm

    US $0.96/5pc

  • Natural Wood Beads, Spacer Beads, for DIY Macrame Rosary Jewelry, Flat Round, Lead Free, Dyed, Brown, about 8mm in diameter, 4mm thick, hole: 2.5mm

    US $0.22/100pc

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