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  • Will you let beads change into containers?

    Summary : Here i will show you the chart with essential steps which i found on internet. Hope it will do some favor for those who want to make one. Normally, such items are made with small beads such as seed beads. However, you can add your creation to your items. Besides, using cheap glass beads you box will more shinning, using large beads, the box size will bigger. As for the beads, wholesale beads and charms will give you many choice.

    Date:May 26, 2012

  • Tutorial-How to Make Heart Of Ocean Necklace with European Beads and Glass beads

    Summary : Timeless classic "Titanic" begins with "Heart Of Ocean Necklace", and ended in "Heart Of Ocean Necklace" as well. After seen the movie, nobody can forget frames that In the bedroom, rose put on the "ocean of heart", and then jack drew her the unforgettable portrait. Thus, in today's tutorial, I will show you how to bead it by European Beads and cheap Glass beads.

    Date:May 24, 2012