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  • Bead Necklace Ideas - Make Necklace with Beaded Safety Pins

    Summary : I take great interest in bead necklace ideas. When I found this beaded safety pins statement necklace, I just can't help making it for myself at once. I hope you have fun creating your own beaded safety pins of different colors. Looking forward to seeing your masterpiece!

    Date:Oct 16, 2013

  • Knotted Necklace - Dangling with Beads

    Summary : Handmade jewelry is not so much complicated to make as you think. Here I recomend you a knotted necklace. What you need is just gold thread, needle, chain, beads, ball head pins, clasp, ribbon ends and small tools. With all materials prepared, you could start your own necklace making. It could be also worn as a bracelet.

    Date:Oct 10, 2013