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  • Beaded earring patterns

    Summary : How should we classify the beaded earring patterns? Virtually it is difficult to make a clear classification and count all the patterns in. you should know that pattern thing mainly depends on beader’s imagination and creativity, but here we sort out some patterns which are created for holiday celebration, such as Christmas themed patterns which would greatly impress you.

    Date:Aug 14, 2012

  • Four Leaf Clover Earring

    Summary : Four leaf clover stands for happiness. Today, i will teach you how to make four leaf clover earring. Look at the following picture and prepare your needed materials.

    Date:Mar 29, 2012

  • DIY Feather Earrings

    Summary : Feather earrings expertly handcrafted from recycled precious materials of some beautiful feathers. With correct and skillful handcraft, these feather earringswill lend staples an artisan touch and you can wear them both day and after-dark to show off your playful and different side. Don’t you want to try these feather earrings? Or make a pair of feather earrings for your special and important friend? Follow the tips below and you will complete a unique pair within 30 minutes.

    Date:Aug 22, 2011

  • DIY Earrings with Beads

    Summary : DIY is such a fun and exciting activity especially when you fully make your diy ideas in life, so as DIY jewelry makings do, such as DIY earrings, DIY bracelets, DIY necklaces, DIY cell phone charms, etc.

    Date:Aug 20, 2011