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  • How to Make Beaded Necklace - Bead A Skeleton Pendant

    Summary : It is a piece of quirky and whimsical project which I love very much. Skull bead, floral beads, and seed beads mix up together to make a skeleton pendant. A lovely skeleton as your necklace pendant to glam you up. Will you follow how to make a beaded necklace to get it?

    Date:Jan 16, 2014

  • Beaded Lace for Necklace Pendant

    Summary : Have you made lace crafts before? They could be the stylish and creative which are made of different materials. Make one to go with your jewelry, you can't miss this beaded lace. Tiny seed beads achieves this fabulous jewelry pendant in an easy way. You can also stop at any point in making this version if you want a smaller piece of lace.

    Date:Nov 25, 2013

  • Homemade Bead Ball for Necklace Pendant

    Summary : Jewelry pendants could be various and stylish through your hardworking crafting. What you need is to make different pendants to your necklace chain. This time we show you a bead ball to update your necklace jewelry. Love it and then follow the patterns to string beads into a ball.

    Date:Nov 12, 2013