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  • Making Necklaces Out of Green Rope And Chain

    Summary : Braided rope necklaces could be beautifully crafted. I really like how this rope and chain necklace turns out. I am sure it is worth spending your time making necklaces beautiful and adorable. Do you think so? See how to braid the rope into a nice look.

    Date:Dec 22, 2013

  • Jewelry Making Projects - Create A Necklace

    Summary : In my opinions, women basically love something special and stylish, so do I. I pay more attention to those jewelry making projects that strikes me deeply at first sight. This rope necklace with gold tube beads and pearls catches my eyes for its simpleness and fashion. I decide to create a necklace in this style for my own as soon as I see it.

    Date:Dec 16, 2013