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  • Seed Bead Earrings Tutorial - Make Triple Looped Earrings in A Line

    Summary : Use red seed beads to make three loops and then link the three in a line. This is what you will learn from seed beads earrings tutorial this time. Different colored seed beads or mixed colored ones could be chosen to make for your own as long as you can think it out.

    Date:Jan 03, 2014

  • Beaded Earrings Tutorial - Link Double Beaded Jump Rings

    Summary : You are going to enjoy a beaded earring tutorial. If there is a handful of jump rings bulk and seed beads on hand, I think your could start your jewelry crafting very soon. Just take time to link several jump rings with beads to certain length. You can make your version in different colors and shapes. Enjoy your time!

    Date:Jan 02, 2014