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  • Necklace pendants graphic

    Summary : Let’s move to today’s topic: necklace pendants. Next i will show two beautiful necklace pendants here with detailed graphic. May you love them.

    Date:May 04, 2012

  • Twinkling and elegant bracelet tutorials

    Summary : Fashion and retro twinkling and elegant bracelet tutorials are waiting for you here.

    Date:May 02, 2012

  • Glass Beads & Plastic Beads, Can You Tell the Difference?

    Summary : Beads have been popular items in arts and crafts for centuries. Glass and plastic beads have myriad uses when it comes to craft projects for either decorative personal use, home decor or as gifts for family and friends. Sometimes the two types of beads cannot be distinguishable from each other.

    Date:Aug 22, 2011