Shipping discount for all countries!

Nbeads Support
posted this on Jan 16, 2023 at 12:03 AM

  • Dear Customer,

    Thanks a lot for your long-time support. Christmas is coming, and we are honored to provide you the best gift——Our newly achieved shipping fee discounting program. The details are listed as below:

    10% OFFFor orders over $69 20% OFFFor orders over $99 30% OFFFor orders over $199
    40% OFFFor orders over $299 50% OFFFor orders over $399 60% OFFFor orders over $499
    70% OFFFor orders over $599 80% OFFFor orders over $699 90% OFFFor orders over $799

    This promotion is effective right from today. You can load orders and enjoy the logistics discount immediately. We will try our best to keep the discount as long as we can.

    But we can't promise you right now that this shipping discount will never change. Because, the policies of logistics companies will also change.

    Nonetheless, I will still try my best to reduce your purchasing cost because I firmly believe that our nbeads can only grow together if you let your business thrive.
    Last but not least, I wish you the best luck with your business~~~


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