To make your own earring in unique way- How to make crystal earrings

Summary: Easy step-by-step tutorial about how to make crystal earrings, complete illustrations with unique beading method prepared for a pair of handmade dangling crystal earrings!

Date : Aug 09, 2012

The main content of today’s tutorial is about a unique beading method for a pair of dangling crystal earrings with Silver Lined Glass Seed Beads and Glass Crystal Beads. Both suitable for middling level crafters and most primary learners. Do not need too much experiences, skills or tools; you can also make your own earring at home!

crystal earrings

Tips about the beads that I used:

1. Faceted Glass Beads: one pair of dangling crystal earrings only need 8 beads, and they are: 6mm Abacus Glass Bead * 6, 8mm Round Glass Bead * 2; both beads are of red color.

2. 8/0 Glass Seed Bead: the seed beads assemble with the red glass beads are silver color and others are light blue.

Materials needed while making your own earring:

Faceted Glass Beads Strand

8/0 Glass Seed Bead

Nylon Wire

Iron Earring Hook

Tools needed while making your own earring:

Side Cutting Pliers

tools for How to make crystal earrings

How to make crystal earrings?

Step1: Add on the Iron Earring Hook for your crystal earrings

Firstly, cut out a 100mm nylon wire and unfold it, then place the iron earring hook at the center position. After that, fix the earring hook by stringing one blue seed beads on each tip and then pass the wire tips cross through another one.

Step2: Make the dangling part of crystal earrings

As soon as you finished the easy step1, the next work is to make the dangling part.

At first, add three blue seed beads on each tip and cross through 6mm Abacus Glass Bead, finally tighten the wire.

Secondly, each tip string one 6mm Abacus Glass Bead and then cross through the 8mm Round Glass Bead.

Thirdly: repeat the first action; just replace the blue seed beads with the silver ones.

Fourthly: add on another one silver seed bead on each, then pick up the two wire tips and pull it and through the wire across to the starting Abacus Glass Bead.

How to make crystal earrings step12

Step3: Complete the back part of the dangling part

When turn to the last part of the semi-finish crystal earrings, the detailed beading methods are just as same as the step2: add beads and cross through the shared beads.

How to make crystal earrings step3_1

By the end of the dangling crystal earrings, just tie a knot is OK! So far, the above are all steps necessary in making your own earring at home!

How to make crystal earrings step3_2

Though the materials and making processes while learn how to make crystal earrings are really super easy, the only factor you need to pay is your patient while making your own earring. Whatever, just enjoy yourself and have fun!

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