Super easy beading tutorial about how to make jewelry for beginners

Summary: Can make necklace be an easy thing? Yes! Learn how to make jewelry for beginners here. Large amount of necklace making instructions had included to help improve your practical skills!

Date : Aug 10, 2012

For most beginners of crafts, how to make some easy but not ordinary items may sometimes be really annoying. Here, taken the following necklace making instructions as example, I will present my methods on a super easy beading tutorial about how to make jewelry for beginners. Welcome to list your suggestions after finishing this tutorial.

necklace making instructions

Firstly, gather together the materials and tools:

Necessary materials in necklace making instructions:

Flat Round Handmade Lampwork Bead

Bicone Czech Glass Bead

Middle East Rhinestone bead

Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead

Tibetan Silver Pendant

Iron Chain

Brass Eyepin


Necessary tools in necklace making instructions:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

materials in necklace making instructions

Details of how to make jewelry for beginners:

Step1: Make the small pieces of the necklace

To make jewelry for beginners, you do not need to learn complex beading methods or some special skills; just choose the proper beads with proper style and color can be enough. 

In this step, place the beads you have chosen on a desk; then string them with proper eyepins and make loops at the other tip with the Round Nose Plier.

how to make jewelry for beginners step1

Step2: Make the pendants

Assemble the Tibetan Silver Pendant and Middle East Rhinestone bead part with another Eyepin. Then pass the pin from the hole of Non-Magnetic Hematite Bead and make a loop at the end.

how to make jewelry for beginners step2

Step3: Make necklace

Lay the beads in order on desk and then just group them together! So far, the whole necklace making instructions are all presented!

how to make jewelry for beginners step3

At last, take a look at the ending product again:

how to make jewelry for beginners final step

Like it? Actually, the steps for how to make jewelry for beginners are usually few and will not include complicated beading skills. In this necklace making instructions are merely formed with very basic actions! That fact just proves that make necklace is not as hard as you think, and similarly to other items! When you are just about to starting out with endeavor, it can be pretty overwhelming.

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