Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Flower Pendant Necklace

Summary: Do you want to make a necklace by yourself? Today I want to share a beautiful and easy necklace with you. It’s not complicated. Follow me and begin your jewelry making journey!

Date : Aug 16, 2022

Materials and tools needed:


Transparent Frosted Acrylic Pendants, Orange, 24x22.5x3mm

Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads, Round, White, 3mm

Two Tone Natural Jade Beads, Round, Dark Orange, 8mm

Iron Open Jump Rings, Platinum, 21 Gauge, 5x0.7mm

Silver Color Plated Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire, Clear, 0.2mm


Iron Sewing Needles

Stainless Steel Scissors

Needle Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Instructions on how to make the necklace:

Step 1:

1st, Cut a piece of fishing wire and string it to a needle. Slide one acrylic pendant and seven acrylic pearl beads onto the wire and thread the wire back through the acrylic pendant. Then make a knot with the wire and cut off the excess wire. (as shown in the picture)

2nd, Repeat step one, you need to make four of these petals. (as shown in the picture)

3rd, Secure the four petals together to form the flower pattern as shown, then cut off the excess thread. (as shown in the picture)