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Make A Vintage Button Necklace with Crystal Beads

Summary: What kind of feeling does a piece of DIY vintage jewelry give you? Will you think it old or unique? Anyway all goes well as long as it suit you. Have a look at this vintage button necklace, is it a marvelous vintage jewelry for you?

Date : Jan 24, 2014

vintage button necklace

Materials and Tools:

Normal glass

Acrylic buttons

Shank button


Toggle clasp

Heart charm

Wire cutter pliers

Round nose pliers

Process Pictures:

make a vintage button necklace with crystal beads

Please Note: The original pictures are taken from http://www.rookno17.com/2012/10/vintage-button-and-cut-crystal-necklace.html

Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

10mm Clear Round Glass Beads(GF10mmC01Y)

10mm Clear Round G...(GF10mmC01Y)

Weight: 792.000000g Unit: 20Strand

10 ~ 13mm 1Strand 1 Unit US $6.81

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40L(25mm) White Flat Round Acrylic 2-Hole Button(BUTT-E083-A-01)

40L(25mm) White Fl...(BUTT-E083-A-01)

Weight: 351.440000g Unit: 200pc

-- 5pc 2 Unit US $4.24

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18L(11.5mm) White Flower Acrylic 2-Hole Button(BUTT-E007-B-01)

18L(11.5mm) White ...(BUTT-E007-B-01)

Weight: 292.330000g Unit: 400pc

-- 3pc out of stock US $5.04

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0.3mm Silver Copper Wire(CW0.3mm006)

0.3mm Silver Coppe...(CW0.3mm006)

Weight: 194.000000g Unit: 10Roll

-- 1Roll 14 Unit US $6.05

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Silver Ring Alloy Toggle and Tbars(LF0322Y-NFS)

Silver Ring Alloy ...(LF0322Y-NFS)

Weight: 793.000000g Unit: 800Set

-- 1Set out of stock US $34.31

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18mm Heart Sterling Silver + Austrian Crystal Pendants(SWAR-G002-215)

18mm Heart Sterlin...(SWAR-G002-215)

Weight: 12.650000g Unit: 10pc

14 ~ 19mm 1pc out of stock US $73.10

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Red Carbon Steel Round Nose Pliers(P017Y-3)

Red Carbon Steel R...(P017Y-3)

Weight: 32.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 121 Unit US $1.06

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Carbon Steel Wire Cutters(P023Y)

Carbon Steel Wire ...(P023Y)

Weight: 59.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc out of stock US $1.06

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Tag : diy necklace, vintage buttons,

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