How to make your own earrings-step by step Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings guide

Summary: A sparkling guidance about making your own earrings in the forthcoming festival season: step by step Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings guidance. In one or less minute, you can design a fabulous gift for you own as well as close friends.

Date : Sep 20, 2012

As the approaching of holiday season such as the spooky Halloween and joyful Christmas Day, one ingenuity festival jewelry ornament will further atmosphere that day. Thus, in this tutorial, I will show how you can make your own earrings, within a significant Christmas tree shape. Firstly, let’s gather the things you may need for your Christmas earrings:

make your own earrings

Beads and charms needed:

Margarita Swarovski Crystal bead (6mm, 8mm & 10mm)

Bicone Swarovski Crystal bead (3mm)

Round Swarovski Crystal bead (2mm)


Earring hook

make your own earrings-beads and charms need

Assistive tools:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

make your own earrings-assistive tools


Step1: arrange the beads on a headpin

Firstly, slide one Topaz Round Swarovski Crystal bead on the bottom for the trunk of your Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings;

Secondly, thread on the Margarita Swarovski Crystal beads from largest to smallest;

Finally, add on the Red Bicone Swarovski Crystal bead.

So far, you have stacked your main Christmas tree portion.

make your own earrings step1

Step2: create terminal loop

Hold on the end of headpin and bent it close to the top bead. Pay attention not scratch any bead with Pliers.

Next, Measure about 6mm pin part for final loop and trim the excess parts.

At last, create the loop with your Round Nose Plier.

make your own earrings step2

Step3: complete Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings

Open the loop on earring hook with Wire-Cutter Plier, then hook the tree portion on, close the earring hook and a beautiful Christmas earrings done!

make your own earrings step3

Step4: make another piece

Repeat the above processes for a pair of Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings!

Additionally, besides the traditional red and green pattern, you can also try some other color palette, such as pair of clear Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings. Just feel too easy of it or not so satisfied? Try more free tutorials on make your own earrings in our learning center.

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