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How to make necklaces guides-how to make a beaded necklace in unique elegant heart-shape

Summary: Free and complete how to make necklaces guides-make a beaded necklace in unique elegant heart-shape. Both whole detailed making steps and distinct beading diagram are included for your reference.

Date : Aug 31, 2012

Beading pendant is a popular technique for making one’s own necklace and other ornaments, namely, you can randomly group various sizes and colors of beads in the beading processes creates a pendant. You can hang it on your necklace or even other jewelry accessories. However, wonder to make a beaded necklace with unique heart-shape for your or friends? Here is how to make necklaces of that.

how to make necklaces

Materials in how to make necklaces:

5301 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead

5301 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead

12/0 Glass Seed Bead

Iron Chain

Iron Jumpring


Nylon Wire

Assistive tools in how to make necklaces:

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Materials in how to make necklaces

How to make necklaces?

How to make necklaces step1: bead the heart-shape pendant

According to the beading diagram, we can read that the whole pendant is made of three flower-shape pattern.

You can cut out one 50cm long Nylon Wire, then string 5301 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead*1 as starting, add onto right beads and make loops 1~18 refer to the diagram.

How to make necklaces step1

How to make necklaces step2: bead the other side of heart-shape pendant

For the skillful crafters, you can just reversely repeat the above beading procedures; but if you are a beginner who start to make a beaded necklace only a few days, you may need this little tips, that is, simply entirely repeat the above procedures for another piece.

How to make necklaces step3: sew the above two separate parts

Take out another section of Nylon Wire, maybe 20cm is enough. Place two sides pieces back-to-back on the desk, regard each group of 12/0 Glass Seed Beads and 5301 4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead as a whole. Each time when thread wire through a whole, cross both tips through another 12/0 Glass Seed Beads*2. Repeat the action until end.

How to make necklaces step3

How to make necklaces step4: make a beaded necklace

Attach the proper length chain to the pendant by using two Jumprings. During that, you can also try breaking the whole chain into several branches that you can adorn it fancier.

So far, today’s necklace making instructions on how to make necklace with heart-shape pendant is over, and are you ready to create your own now? Want more guides on how to make heart-shape pendant, please focus on our Nbeads learning center. Have a nice day. 

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