How to make leather necklace- stacking leather necklaces around your neck

Summary: Our how to make leather necklace tutorial is going to show you the layered effect of leather necklaces. The fascinating style is a kind of personalized statement from you.

Date : Sep 19, 2012

Leather is a popular material for every kind of fashion products, for example, there are many how to projects in costume field, there are plenty of DIY tutorials in furniture and home decorations circle, and there are numerous craft webs tell you how to make leather necklace in jewelry making field. Leather jewelry is welcomed by both men and women, some elders and youth also like it very much.

Then the materials and tools you need for how to make leather necklace are as shown below:

Leather cords (the sizes of your choices), turquoise beads, charm beads, crimp tube beads, and scissors

materials and tools you need for how to make leather necklace

step 1: prepare the leather cords

According to your personal design, decide the layers and the length of each leather necklace; then cut out the leather cord one by one;

step 2: make all the leather necklaces

First, make the short necklace by threading all your desired beads on to cord; the beads should be secured in the middle part of cord, so you need tie knots at left and right side of the beads;

Second, make the long necklace by threading a favorite pendant onto the center of cord, and use two knots to secure it in center;

step 3: finish the leather necklaces

First, crimp down a crimp tube bead at ends to close the necklace loop; the crimp techniques you can refer to our previous tutorials;

Second, handle the other leather necklace in the same way.

How to make leather necklace

So the project about how to make leather necklace is over. Maybe you find that the layered effect of the leather necklace is not that obvious and fascinating, you might as well repeat the step 2 to create more unique layers for this leather necklace; in addition, you can also tangle each two or three layers together to make a more personal style.

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