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How to make horse hair jewelry

Summary: This project is going to instruct you to figure out how to make horse hair jewelry. It is totally free and easy to learn. And horse hairs are accessible in every local craft stores, so just do it.

Date : Aug 28, 2012

When does the horse hair jewelry date back? Many of us may do not know. what we can be sure is that horse hair jewelry is made during the period that horse hair are easily accessed by almost every family and person, just like today’s artificial beads for jewelry making.

To braid horse hair bracelet is the first and foremost choice of jewelry makers. Making jewelry in this way might remind you of your past boyhood and the beloved horse accompanying you to grow till you leave. To purchase one is heading to satisfy the utilitarian purpose. So why not making jewelry by yourself.

Things you need are horse hair in various colors and scissors.

How to make horse hair jewelry step 1: prepare horse hairs

There are two ways you can get horse hairs: one is, collect them from your current horse, so the prerequisite is that you should own one. Notice cut hairs from horse tail.

The other is, purchase the ready hairs from a big craft store or online wholesale companies. At least the horse hairs there are well prepared and have the sufficient stock.

Then wash them with fresh water, and wait then dry.

How to make horse hair jewelry step 1

How to make horse hair jewelry step 2: plait horse hairs

First, make a bundle of horse hair tied at end with a thread, and use glue to hold the end of horse hairs, and wait it dry.

Second, install one part of clasp at the end.

Third, fix the end of horse hair, and start to plait your horse hairs; the simple pattern is three-strand style, just like you braid your own hairs. Definitely there are other braided styles like six-strand and eight-strand ones. Notice when you plaiting, please keep your horse hairs straight and modestly tight.

How to make horse hair jewelry step 2

How to make horse hair jewelry step 3: finish the horse hair bracelet

Fist, till the length of the bracelet satisfy your wrist or the wearer’s wrist, you can stop braiding.

Second, tie another knot at the other end and cut the excess hairs as necessary.

Third, install the other part of clasp, then finish the making jewelry project.

How to make horse hair jewelry step 3

Here your tutorial about How to make horse hair jewelry is over, and the hair horse bracelet is created by you. 

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