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How to make hoop earrings-a pair of big hoop earring both classic and sexy

Summary: How to make hoop earrings-a pair of big hoop earring both classic and sexy

Date : Aug 30, 2012

For most that have been thinking about joining the earring-making craze, one of the most considerable projects is a primary pair of big hoop earring, which can be made in only a matter of time out of certain materials and necessary tools, for example a couple of earring hoops and several beads. Learn how to make hoop earrings once you see what you can create you may never want to buy them from the stores and more.

how to make hoop earrings

Things you will need in big hoop earrings:

Acrylic Rhinestone Bead

Glass Pearl Bead

Basketball Wives Earrings Hoop

Iron Headpin

Tool may need in making hoop earring:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose

things need in how to make hoop earrings

How to make hoop earrings?

Step1: How to make hoop earrings-assemble Glass Pearl Bead with Headpins

Take Glass Pearl Bead*7, string the beads with headpins respectively and bent the rest pin into loops with the Round Nose Plier.

Step2: How to make hoop earrings-wrap Triangle Bail

Pick up two Acrylic Rhinestone Beads, one of green color and another of red color, with back-to-back setting; then string the top holes with one long headpin and wrap rest pin part into a triangle bail. At last, attach it onto the center position of the earring hoop.

Step3: How to make hoop earrings-prepare for attaching the pearl beads on

Before attaching the pearl beads, you should determine the positions where you want them to be. You can simply make use of some extra cut-off pin part.

Step4: How to make hoop earrings-add on the pearl beads parts

Hook 3~4 of the pearl beads parts onto the left of the Acrylic Rhinestone Bead pendant; then the rest on the right hand side. After that, wrap another section cut-off pin part in end.

how to make hoop earrings main steps

Step5: How to make hoop earring into its ideal shape

Adjust the positions of pearl beads parts until you get a flower on both its front side and back side.

Step6: Make another earring

Repeat the above steps for another earring!

Fall in love with the pair of big hoop earrings? No matter in which size, hoop earrings are always in style and will never out of fashion. It is no doubt that chooses a pair of hoop earring is a timeless decision. For that reason, if you really want an extraordinary look, try the how to make hoop earrings instructions then, with or without beads, either will be fantastic!

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