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How to make earrings in a quick way

Summary: Our instruction about how to make earrings is going to lead you to make a pair of earrings which suits you most within few minutes.

Date : Aug 17, 2012

Why is it necessary to learn how to make earrings?

You have bought a very in dress for this summer; however when you want to go out for party or dinner, you remember you haven’t picked a pair of earrings to match this piece of clothing. I bet you have come across this situation before or even just in this embarrassing situation now. So what can you do?

Choice A: give up the dress you love most and change other clothing.

Choice B: choose one pair of earrings at random and hurry up to go out. Neither are good choices.

So you have no other idea?

Actually you have the third choice; choice C: hands make a pair of earrings within few minutes. It surprises you right? It is indeed a way to handle the problem. How to make earrings in a quick way? That is the point.easy to make earrings

Suppose from this moment you have only 10 or 15 minutes to prepare for your outside dating, how to make earrings which fit your style and costume. To start, you need beads, strings&wires, headpins, chain nose plier and round nose plier, okay, we can go ahead.

Step 1: thread one bead onto a headpin, and add head cap following.

Step 2: use round nose plier to bend the rest headpin and make a loop above head cap.

Step 3: circle two or three times around your headpin and make the jewelry bead firmly positioned on the headpin.

Step 4: remove the excess headpin wire.

Step 5: press the jagged cutting edge back to the circles with chain nose plier, in case the unflashy cut catching something or hurting people.

Step 6: undertake the same steps to make the other earring.

For personal liking and style, you could add some other tiny seed beads or other different sized beads mixed with each other; or you can use two contrasting colors on headpin and beads to make a unique effect.

In a word, earrings style diverse accordingly. It is your turn to control those matching and color scheme things. Only the finished products are able to outstand your temperament and for your loved clothing. All the changes and creative ideas are okay. So the project about how to make earrings in a quick way is done.

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