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How to make earrings at home: beading a pair of lovely earrings

Summary: Our tutorial about how to make earrings at home will provide you with a specific and accessible method for jewelry making.

Date : Aug 22, 2012

Being a handmade jewelry maker and amateur salesperson, I find necklace and bracelet sell well on web market but earrings. What’s happened to the earrings displaying for selling? Virtually these earrings have no fatal shortcomings. Some of them are gorgeous and widely match the clothing we usually wear. Reasons come out when many beaded earrings patterns are found in craft forums. Many people like to ask questions like how to DIY the favorite jewelry and how to make earrings at home. Beading earrings becomes a popular craft competition on various beading forums.

People really love to bead jewelry, especially beaded earrings. They are simple to learn and practice. And there are many tutorials shared by amounts of fans and makers. That’s an amazing platform for jewelry crafts.

Are you curious about making beaded earrings? Here I’d like to offer you a project about how to make earrings at home.

How to make earrings at home

Get what you need:

Assorted beads and charms, Wire, Needle nose pliers, Wire cutters, Ear wires

How to make earrings at home Step 1: design the earrings

Pre-assume the looking of your earrings pattern, and lay the components in your desired order, and don’t forget cut off enough wire for your next beading.

How to make earrings at home Step 2: prepare the beading drop.

Slide your beads on wire as per the previous arrangement. Use plier to make the beading entry of the wire bend over and integrated with itself in case beads falling down. The bottom of drop is finished. And then use plier again to round a loop at the top of wire, with two times of wrapping under the loop.

How to make earrings at home Step 3: assemble the earrings

Modify some part of the drop, making the excess wire removed and cut edges firmly pressed together. Then attach your drop with ear wire.

Then your earrings are done. And our project about how to make earrings at home is also finished. If you keep on working with this project, many original products will be produced by yourself. In identical way, stunning works can be created by you!

For DIY earrings, I think it is a good trend, at least we won’t wonder whether the craft about jewelry making are deserted by modern society. People love them and keep them as a long time hobby. No matter braiding necklace or beading earrings, they are good things to develop.

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