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How to make chandelier earrings- the chandelier earrings set off your beauty

Summary: This tutorial is about to inform you a useful way about how to make chandelier earrings. This pair must make you distinguish form others at a party occasion.

Date : Aug 21, 2012

What patterns make you look noble and graceful? That must be question you often consider at the moments when dressing and preparing for a formal dinner party. In terms of necklace, choosing collar pattern is sensible; in terms of bracelet, precious stone beading or gold metal chain are good choices; and for earrings, chandelier pattern is most people’s favorite.

Chandelier earrings, namely, can be defined as a kind of earrings which resemble the shape of chandelier. They have glittering charms beaded on, and they are rowed down one by one, and connected like fringe.

Making jewelry is a fun, and making the favorite is a great fun. I guess some of you have been preparing to try the project about how to make chandelier earrings for long period. Some of you may like jewelry making, however lack of enough confidence to work out one.

how to make chandelier earrings

This time I’d like to introduce a tutorial about how to make chandelier earrings for you.

Things for chandelier earrings are as follow:

Head pins, Chandelier findings, Earring hooks, Wires&plier

Crystal beads (glass bead or other beads which have the transparent effects)

How to make chandelier earrings Step 1: prepare the chandelier drop parts

First cut wire into 3 centimeter pieces, and use plier to make loop at one end and close it.

Second insert one bead into wire and loop the other end of wire without closing it. The main drop unit is done.

Third, thread bead onto headpin, use plier again to loop the tip side of headpin and the bottom unit is down too.

Fourth, repeat the unit making process; the main units need 8 and arrange them: 2 left, 3 middle and 2 right; making 3 bottom units, continue 1 in left row, 1 in middle row and 1 in right row.

How to make chandelier earrings Step 2: modify the middle bottom unit

After threading bead on headpin, slide a headcap. And then use plier to loop the rest part of pin.

How to make chandelier earrings Step 3: finish the chandelier earrings

Attach the units one by one and as per the previous arrangement. Do not mess them up, or the previous work you have done will be in vain. Make the units connected form bottom to top, and at last assemble the chandelier findings and earring hooks to the top.

Oops, the chandelier earrings are created by your hands!

When taking part in a birthday party or outing with friends for dinner, the chandelier earrings can be worn to set off your beauty and elegance. And they could help you to leave others a good impression, for example, some would consider you are a lady full of temperaments.

Now this project about how to make chandelier earrings is well completed. Our slogan is do and enjoy.

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