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How to make bridal jewelry-a piece of bridal hair jewelry (with diagram)

Summary: A special course on how to make bridal jewelry for bride-to-be; the main content is for making bridal hair jewelry out of brass wire, aluminum wire and several jewelry beads.

Date : Sep 13, 2012

In today how to make bridal jewelry project, the main item is a piece of bridal hair jewelry that you can wear either with or without the wedding veil. In handmade bridal hair jewelry you may use a comb, pin, barrette or headband base. One of the most versatile styles is to choose the comb. Here, by following the diagram, you can simply learn how to create your own comb as well as make the complete hair jewelry.

how to make bridal jewelry

Things need in how to make bridal jewelry project:

Swarovski Crystal Bead

Pearl Bead

Aluminum Wire

Brass Wire

Assistive tools:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

How to make bridal jewelry?

step1: make the comb using aluminum wire

Firstly, measure the needed aluminum length according your head size;

Secondly, make Wig Jig Pattern in the item. Notice that leave few wire in the beginning for close the starting loop; (for making the Wig Jig pattern, you can use a special wig jig tool)

Thirdly, repeat making the Wig Jig Pattern until the comb reach an ideal length;

Finally, repeat the same process in beginning to end whole comb.

step2: make the center decoration portion

Firstly, Place the needed brass wire, Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearl Beads on a desk;

The next, find the center position of your comb; and at meanwhile, make sure the number of decoration branches you will attach onto your comb and find proper positions of them (keep symmetry of two parts beside center branch).

Thirdly, take the brass wire and now you can start to wrap the beads around comb. Each time pass the wire through one bead, lead the wire back to bottom and wrap twice around the left wire. The heights of three branches are respectively: 1cm, 2cm and 3cm.

step3: ending comb embellishment portion

Wear the semi-finished hair jewelry and find the two corresponding points rightly above the temples. Next, take another strand of brass wire and wrap some pearl beads around the comb.

how to make bridal jewelry steps

Here, your handmade bridal jewelry has done. In the meaningful day, hope every bride can have their life-long memorable wedding. For more tutorials about how to make bridal jewelry, just focus here, in our learning center. 

Tag : jewelry making

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