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How to make a yarn necklace

Summary: It is an easy-to-learn project about how to make a yarn necklace. Actually it is not only a new and creative way to make yarn necklace, but also a bold try. Very interesting staff you can make from this tutorial.

Date : Aug 27, 2012

In this project, you need not knitting needle or nay knitting skill. You are not going to crochet necklace. What you should have a general knowledge of is yarn patterns. As this project will use several colors and patterns of yarns, they are the core which would decide the necklace successes or not. Therefore skills utilized to crochet necklace will not be seen in this article; what you will do is use simply made yarn patterns to create unusual effects.

Things you need are as follows: different colors of yarn, scissors. Just two kinds of supplies you need for this project.

How to make a yarn necklace step 1: prepare the yarns

Choose three colors you are fond of and also suitable for each other. You can try those contrasting colors; I mean how they match depends on your aesthetic standard, however the visual effects are also determined by the mix and match, so think twice and do some experiments.

colorful yarns

How to make a yarn necklace step 2: make the yarn patterns

First, twist yarn string around your four fingers for several times till the thickness is okay.

Second, use another strand of same colored yarn to wrap and tie the hollow yarn ball, remember to tie the ball at the middle line tightly, as though you take the strand to halve the ball.

Third, smoothen every single strand of the yarn ball, and cut the yarn strings till the lengths of yarn rays satisfies you. So the rays-looking yarn pattern is done. And then repeat the same step and make other two yarn patterns.

yarn patterns-1

How to make a yarn necklace step 3: finish the yarn necklace

First, pick another color of yarn, twist five to seven yarn strings together to make a thick twisted strand; another way is take advantage of your braiding skill, just like braiding hair, to make a braided yarn pattern. Therefore your yarn chain is prepared.

Second, finish twisting or braiding; leave about eight centimeters length and tie a knot above.

Third, use every single yarn string to attach to each “ray ball”, and then make every single string connected with each other. So the final yarn pattern is formed.

yarn patterns-2

Here the project about how to make a yarn necklace is well finished and your first yarn necklace is also done. There are some suggestions here, the yarn pattern you make can be diversified, for example, to use some paper or clay as inner stuff, and cover yarns round and round to make different yarn patterns, like heart, flower, and rabbit and so on.


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