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How to make a pearl necklace: Pink collar one for you

Summary: You get pearls, but how to make a pearl necklace? Not just string them together; here is a good example for your reference.

Date : Aug 17, 2012

Pearls are one kind of the most magnetic ornaments for women. They feel mellow, silky and glitter faintly with pure luster. They are like women, sedate outside and strong inside; and always contain a graceful temperament and elegant beauty. Think about Liz Taylor’s pearl necklace, it has been tagged 11, 8 million dollars in auction.

Pink collar pearl necklace

Many jewelry fans are women; they love pearl jewelry and they have the ability to make by themselves. The supplies and design are both picked by themselves. Therefore what pearl jewelry they make is one piece for one kind and unique in the world. So if you like to make jewelry and have the will to make a pearl necklace in your own way, why not join our project how to make a pearl necklace and have a try?

For pearl necklace making, things are needed as follow:

Rose pink jump rings (10mm, 12mm, 7.25mm), White pearls, Headpins, Toggle, Twist tie

Now the tutorial starts from here:

How to make a pearl necklace Step 1: make base necklace

First attach two 10mm jump rings, twist tie with a 12mm jump ring.

Second continue to attach 10mm jump rings and 12mm jump rings in order, and repeat; then until the jump rings are ran out or the length meets your requirement.

Third place the necklace horizontally and add two 7.25mm pink rings to each 12mm rings

How to make a pearl necklace Step 2: add the other parts

Attach a 12mm ring to a group of four 7.25mm rings, and attach another 12mm ring to another group of 7.25mm rings; and repeat again and again.

Then attach two 10mm rings to the bottom of each 12mm ring added just now.

First add one pearl to each headpin, and make a loop on top, and trim off the excess as necessary

Second attach 7.25mm ring to each pearl bead, and make them add to each double 10mm ring in last row.

How to make a pearl necklace step 3: finish the pearl necklace

Finally at both ends, respectively add a 7.25mm ring and toggle to this necklace.

Now your necklace is done. This project about how to make a pearl necklace is also finished.

Tag : jewelry making

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