How to make a pearl necklace — easy 4 steps to make a pearl necklace

Summary: Detailed instructions of how to make a pearl necklace at home! Try to follow my pink pearl necklace with the soft pearl beads and some golden ones here; you will get an unexpected necklace!

Date : Aug 09, 2012

Since the ancient time, pearl necklaces are always being regarded as the symbol of elegance and noble. No matter the delicate pink pearl necklace or the pure white strands. Thus, learn how to make a pearl necklace may allow you to make use of the pearls within various sizes and colors. In today’s tutorial, I try to assemble the soft pink pearls with shinning golden rhinestone beads. Firstly, you can just choose whether to follow my steps or not by taking a look at my end product.

pearl necklace

Have it attract you? Then just take immediate actions with me. So far, you can start to gather together all the necessary beads and charms as follows:

Beads and charms for pearl necklace making project:

Middle East Rhinestone bead

Imitate Pearl-style Acrylic Bead

Alloy Rhinestone Pendant

Brass Pendant

Tibetan Style Pendants

Brass Eyepin

Brass Jumpring

Iron Twist Chain


Tools for pearl necklace making project:

Side Cutting Pliers

Wire-Cutter Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

tools for making a pearl necklace

How to make a pearl necklace?

Step1: Make the small beads groups of your pearl necklace

how to make a pearl necklace step_1

Group1: 4mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead*1, Middle East Rhinestone bead*1, 12mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead *1
Group2: 4mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead*1, 16mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead*1, 12mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead *1
Group3: 4mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead*1, Middle East Rhinestone bead*1, 12mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead *1
Group4: 4mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead*2, 12mm Pearl-style Acrylic Bead *2

String beads with proper length pin and make loops of the other end with Round Nose Plier.

Step2: Prepare for the decorate branches for your pearl necklace  
Cut out three sections chains, the length should be: 65mm*1, 35mm*2; next, open the loop of the eyepins and apply the three pendants to them; then string one 4mm pearl-style Acrylic bead on each branch and at last makes a loop at end with the Round Nose Plier again.

how to make a pearl necklace step_2.jpg

Step3: Combine the separate pieces for a simply pink pearl necklace

In this step, the most vital part is the jumprings and the groups you have prepared well in step1. According to the picture shows, first are two group1; secondly, each side one of the group 2; thirdly the groups 3; finally, the group4.

how to make a pearl necklace step3

Step4: Apply the adornments

In this pearl necklace making project, to make the pearl beads achieve more coordination to the golden rhinestone beads, I decide to apply the golden chains and pendants at the center of the pearl necklace. You can use the Side Cutting Plier to open the chains.


After decoration, a stunning pink pearl necklace has finished:

how to make a pearl necklace step4.jpg
Tips: In this tutorial, for a pink pearl necklace, I choose the different size pink Imitate Pearl-style Acrylic Beads as the main materials, the sizes are 4mm, 12mm and 16mm, respectively. In addition, the length of the eyepins may depend on the beads you use to avoid materials waste.

So much for this pearl necklace making tutorial, do you love my design? By the way, I haven’t got a name for it, so, any suggestions?



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