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How to make a charm bracelet for a birthday gift

Summary: In this article, we are going to inform you of an easy and quick way to make a charm bracelet for a birthday gift. So the instruction “How to make a charm bracelet” is just for you.

Date : Aug 16, 2012

Gift store, gift store, still gift store, no matter your friends, relatives, or workmates celebrate birthday, you always pick up a piece of exquisite item as gift from the nearby finely decorated gift stores, right? If yes, I guess you are really busy and have little spare time to prepare a gift by yourself. If no, that’s good to make a gift heart and soul to express your concerns and joys. So for your beloved mother, what gift will you make for her birthday?

Handmade gifts are always extraordinarily good. A well-prepared supper, a bottle of wine or her favorite branded shoes are not bad. But think about mum is not only a mother, she is also a woman; once mum gets old, many of us will neglect her “woman heart”: pursuit for beauty. She loves jewelry, and she will love the jewelry you send her as the birthday gift. You know beaded jewelry is fashionable nowadays; you don’t know how to make a charm bracelet?

Summon up your encourage and patience to challenge this project. Just to imagine what expression will your mum have after receiving the bracelet you create? Surprised, moving and smile with tears in eyes. Everything is deserved. Then how to make a charm bracelet?

This one is simple to make and things you need are:

Memory cord, various beads and charms, round nose plier, cable cutter

How to make a charm bracelet Step 1: prepare the cord for charm bracelet

Cut off enough length of cord you need (before that, you should generally measure mum’s wrist)

And then tie a knot at one end of the cord to avoid any fall-off.

How to make a charm bracelet Step 2: slide charms onto cord

Slide the diversified charms (in different style and colors) onto cord. The beading pattern can be found many on web and craft books; of course you at best design by yourself. After completing beading, tie another knot at the other end of cord.

How to make a charm bracelet Step 3: finalize the charm bracelet

Attach two ends together to make a neat ending. You can just tie a knot for both ends, or insert a pair of clasp at ends, which make the bracelet excellent.

Then the project about how to make a charm bracelet for a birthday gift is finished.

charm bracelet

Actually, you have other options about her birthday gift, besides hand make a bracelet after “How to make a charm bracelet” lesson. For example a fruit cake, a body spa card, a hug or kiss, a box of finely baked cookies, or a gorgeous birthday party. Each gift is a great choice. A gift for mum, we needn’t consider too much about the price or luxury, what need you devote is your love to her.

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