How to Make A Beaded Christmas Tree

Summary: Beaded trees are one of Christmas tree decoration forms. For a tree design, there are many patterns to be inspired and learned. This is one of how to make a beaded Christmas tree tutorials. Follow us if you like this type.

Date : Jan 16, 2014

beaded trees

Materials and Tools:

Round seed beads

Glass pearls


Wire cutter pliers

Flat nose pliers

Process Pictures:

how to make a beaded christmas tree

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Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

6mm DarkSlateGray Round Glass Pearl Beads(HY-6D-B19)

6mm DarkSlateGray ...(HY-6D-B19)

Weight: 860.000000g Unit: 20Strand

-- 1Strand 20 Unit US $7.77

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3mm SaddleBrown Round Glass Pearl Beads(HY-3D-B40)

3mm SaddleBrown Ro...(HY-3D-B40)

Weight: 422.000000g Unit: 40Strand

-- 1Strand out of stock US $23.76

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Black Carbon Steel Wire Cutters(PT-S057-1)

Black Carbon Steel...(PT-S057-1)

Weight: 93.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 128 Unit US $1.52

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Red Carbon Steel Flat Nose Pliers(P017Y-1)

Red Carbon Steel F...(P017Y-1)

Weight: 33.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 986 Unit US $0.99

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