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How to make a bead bracelet for a baby’s gift

Summary: Here is an instruction about how to make a bead bracelet. It is a simply way to make a proper bracelet as little kid’s gift. You are convenient to make, and your friend and her little baby are gleeful to accept.

Date : Aug 16, 2012

One of your friends is escalated to be a mother; yes she has given birth to a child I suppose, then as a best friend how do you celebrate this happy thing with her and her family? A present is a must. And you know it is a present for a baby. So what kind of present is the best choice?

Diapers? She must have prepared sufficient diapers, toys clothes and other baby daily use things. So it needn’t you to concern about. Indeed choosing a present for baby is not a simple thing. As a gift which can express your glee and love for that child, why not choosing the things you can manufacture by yourself. Only if the gift is made heart and soul, it will serve well and the baby and mother can feel the warmth and concerns you want to transmit.

For the handmade things, bead bracelet is a good choice. The problem is how to make a bead bracelet, especially for baby.

Actually the name bracelet or the birthstone bracelet are suitable for baby gift.

Name bracelet is a kind of bracelet which has the wearer’s name marked on it. As it is easy for new learner’s making, here we take it as example.

Things you need (all the supplies must be skin-protective):

Glass alphabet beads

Bead wire

Crimp beads

Lobster clasp.

Colorful glass beads

How to make a bead bracelet?

How to make a bead bracelet Step 1:

String alphabet beads on wire which is connected to be baby’s name

How to make a bead bracelet Step 2:

Use colored glass beads to fulfill each side and make the name beads right in middle

How to make a bead bracelet Step 3:

Add crimp bead and clasp loop on wire and back the wire through the both, use plier to press down the bead and position the clasp.

bead bracelet for kids

The bracelet is done. One thing needs you to notice is that tell baby’s parents dress it on baby only when he/she is attended. Leave baby alone to wear such things would cause serous problem.

Tag : jewelry making

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