How to fix jewelry- what can you do with the broken necklace

Summary: How to fix jewelry is a simple and useful tutorial, which can provide you accessible and practical way to solve some common necklace repair problems.

Date : Sep 16, 2012

Many of you necklaces might be well protected, but no matter how carefully you keep them and store them, some unexpected damages have occurred without known by you. Our tutorial about how to fix jewelry can excellently help you handle the problems and make you bravely confront them.

There are several ways we will introduce you about how to fix jewelry, or rather necklace repair:

How to fix jewelry way 1: repair necklace string

Slide beads out of broken string, and lay them in original order; fetch a piece of new string and two calottes; thread beads in, install calottes at both ends of new string, squeeze down the loops and hook two ends together.

How to fix jewelry way 1

How to fix jewelry way 2: repair necklace chain

Use plier to open the broken link, discard the broken part; cut a piece of chain in same color and size; use plier to link the preserved part with new part together, or for much firmer, solder the end links together.

How to fix jewelry way 2

How to fix jewelry way 3: repair necklace elastic

Similar to the broken necklace string: keep the beads order, find a new elastic, thread beads onto, and at last use a clasp or a knot to finish the necklace repair.

All the situations we listed above are possible and access to the ways about how to fix jewelry. But there are also several circumstances we are unable to resolve, for example, the broken or unedged strings within friendship necklace cannot be repaired by the simple tools or methods.

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