Bow earrings - Make Bows with Threads

Summary: Making a bow with the help of the small fork! It is easy for you to get bow earrings even though you are a green hand in crafting. Make colorful bows hanging in different lengths would make it not easily get tangled. Besides, less bows together may make your bow earrings tangle-free. Anyway, no matter how you change it, it still looks nice!

Date : Nov 25, 2013

making a bow

Material and Tools:

Embroidery floss

Acrylic star beads

Jump rings


Earring hooks

Small fork


Round nose pliers

Process Pictures:

bow earrings - make bows with threads

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Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

0.8mm Lilac Sewing Thread & Cord(NWIR-Q005-30)

0.8mm Lilac Sewing...(NWIR-Q005-30)

Weight: 121.670000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 1 Unit US $1.84

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0.8mm Red Sewing Thread & Cord(NWIR-Q005-11)

0.8mm Red Sewing T...(NWIR-Q005-11)

Weight: 120.290000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 3 Unit US $1.84

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0.8mm Yellow Sewing Thread & Cord(NWIR-Q005-08)

0.8mm Yellow Sewin...(NWIR-Q005-08)

Weight: 119.830000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 2 Unit US $1.84

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0.8mm Fuchsia Sewing Thread & Cord(NWIR-Q005-28)

0.8mm Fuchsia Sewi...(NWIR-Q005-28)

Weight: 118.680000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll out of stock US $1.84

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0.8mm SkyBlue Sewing Thread & Cord(NWIR-Q005-02)

0.8mm SkyBlue Sewi...(NWIR-Q005-02)

Weight: 112.907000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 11 Unit US $2.05

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Golden Round Iron Close but Unsoldered Jump Rings(NFJRG4mm)

Golden Round Iron ...(NFJRG4mm)

Weight: 1000.000000g Unit: 1000g

-- 1g 18 Unit US $9.08

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Golden Brass Earring Hooks(J0JQN-G)

Golden Brass Earri...(J0JQN-G)

Weight: 298.600000g Unit: 2000pc

-- 2pc 2 Unit US $23.21

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Red Carbon Steel Scissors(PT-Q002-5)

Red Carbon Steel S...(PT-Q002-5)

Weight: 210.000000g Unit: 5pc

-- 1pc 24 Unit US $2.38

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Red Carbon Steel Round Nose Pliers(PT-S050)

Red Carbon Steel R...(PT-S050)

Weight: 84.640000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 103 Unit US $1.71

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