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posted this on Apr 27, 2016 at 10:14 PM

    Nbeads give you four tiers of quantity discounts on the purchase of any combination of products. Reach 15 units on your order, and you will get the lowest price for every item & also get a whopping discount on your entire order!
    Discount Reminder:
    Order quantity reach 5 units will discount 5% on every item in your order, reach 10 units will discount 10%, reach 15 units will discount 20%
    1, This discount is for the products, shipping cost is not included. 
    2, Already-discounted items have only one lowest price, no more discount, but will counted in the total units.
    Hard to believe, but it is TRUE!
    Assortable pricing makes saving money easy. Mix and match any items found on our website and even those in special offer. As the quantity of items grows, so will your discount. You don't have to buy just 1 item 15 times, you can purchase 1 each of 15 different items to save big--the quantity ordered is key!
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