Pearl necklace making plans-How to string a pearl necklace with knots

Summary: How to string a pearl necklace with knots, a strand of pearl necklace with timeless beauty to express your classical statement! A photo tutorial presents main steps during stringing pearl necklace all by yourself!

Date : Aug 16, 2012

Pearl necklaces are a timeless fashion statement that still trend with high value and popularity all the time. Various beading methods how you would string your pearl necklace will results in different effects. At a professional aspect, as the pearls are softer than stones, learn how to string a pearl necklace with knots can prevent pearls from rubbing against each other and dulling the luster. Furthermore, to string pearl necklace with knots can make big difference when an unexpected breakage appear, the knots can help rest part of pearl necklace stay in place and avoid being scattered!

Thus, the next is the one of the best and easy way about how to string a pearl necklace with knots.

pearl necklace with knots


Materials needs for the pearl necklace making project:

Imitate Pearl-style Glass Bead

Iron Bead Tip

Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

Elastic Crystal Thread

Tools needs for the pearl necklace making project:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Materials needs for the pearl necklace making project

How to string a pearl necklace with knots?

Step1: Prepare the string and staring part

Prepare a 100cm long Elastic Crystal Thread and fold it; next add on one Iron Bead Tip and tie a fast knot at the end. Finally, slide the iron bead tip to the knot, then pinch it with wire-cutter plier and cut off excess thread.

Step2: How to string a pearl necklace with knots

In this step, you can make use of a short section of tiger tail wire to assist string the Elastic Crystal Thread from pearl beads.

During string pearl necklace, you can tie a knot after stringing each pearl bead or you can just tie the knots after finishing string all pearl beads.

In the end, attach another Iron Bead Tip to the ends as did in step1.

How to string a pearl necklace with knots step2

Step3: Add on the Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

This is the last step of pearl necklace making project, and at the same time it is also the easiest step. Just hook on the clasp and ring with two iron bead tips and you will get your own pearl necklace!

In pearl necklace making project, you may also make use of some other cord & thread, even the ribbon can be a good string material! At last, remember keep your patient while learning to how to make a pearl necklace with knots! It’s your time now!

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