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How to make your own charms- make your own charm in 1 minute for a necklace

Summary: A piece of beaded charm jewelry to present your special type and temperate incisively and vividly . Learn how to make your own charms so that you can be more outstanding among crowds. In addition, an easy way to make your own necklace with that well-prepare charm.

Date : Aug 30, 2012

Except the charms you can simply buy from the jewelry supplies store, learn how to make your own charms can be another perfect way to meet your special requires. At meanwhile, make your own charm at home can be more significant and can allow you to fully express the talents on jewelry making projects. Here are some instructions for your reference.

how to make your own charms

How to make your own charms-materials:

Glass Pearl Bead

5301 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead

Middle East Rhinestone

Nylon Wire

How to make your own charms- tools:

Side Cutting Plier

How to make your own charms-materials

How to make your own charm?

Step1: Beginning of make your own charm

Cut out 30cm long Nylon Wire and make a loop by stringing four 3mm Glass Pearl Beads at the center position.

Step2: Make another loops by Swarovski Crystal Bead

In the starting new loop, pick up either wire tip, thread the following beads: 12mm Glass Pearl Bead*1, 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, Middle East Rhinestone*1 and 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead*1; at last cross both tips through another 12mm Glass Pearl Bead*1; continue making the rest parts. Notice that in the next loops, you need to share the adjoining 12mm Glass Pearl Bead.

How to make your own charm step2

Step3: Make your own necklace

The above 2 steps have shown how to make your own charms, now you can play your imagination where you want to set it.

In my project, thread another section Nylon Wire through 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, Middle East Rhinestone*1 and 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bead*1 at same time then add mass 3mm Glass Pearl Beads onto each wire part until you get an ideal length.

Just follow it and make your own charm now! For more guides on how to make your own charm, welcome to our learning center! However, wear you own piece and wait for the compliments then.

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