How to make sterling silver jewelry- multistranded bracelet

Summary: It is a free and clearly illustrated tutorial about how to make sterling silver jewelry; multistranded style looks very complicated, but is never hard understood in making process.

Date : Sep 06, 2012

Our tutorial “how to make sterling silver jewelry” aims to share the glee of jewelry making with sterling silver. Many of you must be fond of the mellow luster and smooth touch of sterling silver; moreover the quality of sterling silver jewelry is always nicely good, enhancing the elegance and dignity of your inside.

So what do you need for how to make sterling silver jewelry? They are sterling silver beads, beading wires, hard wire, silver chain, jump rings, crimp beads, cone, and clasp.

How to make sterling silver jewelry step 1: prepare connecting wires

Pull out about 7.5 cm hard wire from coil, two pieces of this hard wires, and make a wrapped loop at one end of each piece. Here we mark the two pieces of hard wire separately #1 and #2.

How to make sterling silver jewelry step 2: make the mutlistrands of sterling silver bracelet

First, snip beading wire long enough, thread through #1 loop with left half and right half symmetrical, and slide sterling silver beads onto two halfs, we call the two halfs a pair;

Second, slide a crimp bead on the pair, then thread through the #2 loop, and back through crimp bead, crimping the crimp bead;

Third, repeat the above two processes, make another two pairs;

How to make sterling silver jewelry step 2

How to make sterling silver jewelry step 3: finish the sterling silver bracelet

First, attach a 13 cm chain with #1 loop and #2 loops by jump rings;

Second, at each end, thread a bone and a flowery bead;

Third, install the clasp.

How to make sterling silver jewelry step 3

Okay the sterling silver bracelet is created in its multistanded style, and our tutorial about how to make sterling silver jewelry is nicely over. Have a try on, this beautiful bracelet smoothly move through your wrist, and the slight cool feelings of sterling silver beads comfort your heart.

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