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How to make simple jewelry-a crown ring with 3 easy steps

Summary: 3 steps tell you how to make simple jewelry – a complete tutorial with illustrations about making your own ring at home, simple but unique beading methods help improve your craft skills!

Date : Aug 12, 2012

For most ladykins, it is seems that nothing can stop their steps on desiring for fresh jewelry pieces. But in the quickly changed fashion world, new sets and series may increase with each passing day. Thus, more of them have turn the sights to the simple jewelry making suppliers, and it is truly seems that the simpler of jewelry, the more timeless will it be!

Therefore, next, take example of a jewelry ring making project, I will show you how to make simple jewelry at home all by yourself! Before making your own ring, how about take a look at my “crown ring” product:

crown ring

So delicate, isn’t it? Now, let’s just set off and enjoy this simple jewelry making journey!


Jewelry ring making materials:

12/0 Glass Seed Bead

Czech Glass Bead

Nylon Wire

Jewelry ring making tools:

Side Cutting Pliers


How to make simple jewelry?

After gather together the needed materials and tools, the issue that how to make simple jewelry is not a problem anymore. Here, you can just begin this jewelry ring making project then!

Step1: Make the starting part of the jewelry ring making project

Firstly, cut out a section nylon wire, about 70cm long; then fold the wire and string 12/0 Glass Seed Bead * 1 and Czech Glass Bead * 1, next pass back the wire through the Czech Glass Bead and tighten the wire.

Secondly, regard the 12/0 Glass Seed Bead * 1 and Czech Glass Bead * 1 as one group, add three those groups one of the wire tips, and to another tip, one group is ok; after that cross pass the both tips through another 12/0 Glass Seed Bead.

How to make simple jewelry step1

Step2: Make the rest part of the crown ring

In this jewelry ring making project, this part is the main steps for making your own ring. Unlike the starting process in step1, to the below wire tip, add on the beads in order: Czech Glass Bead * 1, 12/0 Glass Seed Bead * 1 and Czech Glass Bead * 1; to the other wire tip, add two groups of Czech Glass Bead * 1 and 12/0 Glass Seed Bead * 1, then back through the wire tip from the Czech Glass Bead as the picture show.

How to make simple jewelry step2_1

Next, repeat the above actions until you get an ideal length for your jewelry ring making project.

How to make simple jewelry step2_2

Step3: The ending work for making your own ring

In the last step, when repeat the step2, you need not add another 12/0 Glass Seed Bead. Just pull the end part to the head part, share the 12/0 Glass Seed Bead at the starting part.

After that, tighten the wire and tie a knot, then cut off the excess wire with the side-cutting plier.

Here the whole jewelry ring making project has entirely finished!

How to make simple jewelry step3

During perform this jewelry ring making project which present how to make simple jewelry in three steps, the only point you should pay much attention to is the tension of the wire. And in addition, for most simple jewelry making project, the steps are usually simple and easy-to-learn, just move your hands and make some timeless simple jewelry accessory for yourself now.


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