How to make seed bead earrings -4 step making seed bead earrings

Summary: Special beaded earring making tutorial mainly about how to make seed bead earrings, a dangling and exquisite pair of seed bead earrings , only 4 steps (with pictures) are needed, easy-to-learn for all crafters!

Date : Aug 09, 2012

If you are about to make beaded earrings at home, there is no doubt that the seed bead earrings is the best choice. Not only the patterns of the seed bead earrings are rich, but also the various color collocation. To those who have ever tried the seed bead earrings, though the tiny seed beads are sometimes a little annoying, the only thing needed is our patience. Then, let’s just begin to this beaded earring making journey:

seed bead earrings

Materials for the seed bead earrings:

Silver Lined 8/0 Glass Seed Beads

Opaque 8/0 Glass Seed Beads

Gemstone Bead

Iron Earring Hook

Brass Jumpring

Stainless Steel Memory Wire

Brass Eyepins


Tools for the seed bead earrings:

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Plier

tools for How to make seed bead earrings

How to make seed bead earrings?

Step1: Make the dangling part of the seed bead earrings

While making beaded earrings, the most common pattern is undoubtedly the dangling style. In my Beading tutorial today, I adopt the green Gemstone Beads assemble with Brass Eye pins. Each one eye pin match one Gemstone Bead, then leave about 7~8mm for making another loop with the Round Nose Plier. After that you will see the following three pieces:

How to make seed bead earrings step1

Step2: Main component of the seed bead earrings

Pick up the Stainless Steel Memory Wire and cut out two section, one about 60mm and another of about 100mm. next, one the shorter section, cross string the yellow seed beads, namely the Silver Lined 8/0 Glass Seed Beads and Opaque 8/0 Glass Seed Beads. To the longer branch, bead the green ones as the same way.

How to make seed bead earrings step2

Step3: Assemble the above two parts for the seed bead earrings

Bent the two seed beads strands into a round shape, and then use one jump ring to connect the two “circles”.

How to make seed bead earrings step3

Step4: Complete the whole beaded earring making journey

Apply one of the Gemstone Bead piece in the center of the two seed beads circles; secondly, connect the rest two pieces and apply the iron earring hook at last. So far, the whole project how to make seed bead earrings has done!

How to make seed bead earrings step4


Actually, when finished making this pair seed beaded earrings, you will find that it is not as difficult as you image about how to make seed bead earrings! At last, one little tips for you: Just pay attention when handle the Stainless Steel Memory Wire, which may scratch your hands easily!


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