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How to make glass jewelry- glass jewelry pendant of multiple functions

Summary: How to make glass jewelry-make a glass jewelry pendant that can be multiple-function accessory for individual ornaments; limited 2 steps help improves your temperament and type.

Date : Aug 29, 2012

In recent years, to learn how to make glass jewelry has become one of the most popular craft form. Due to the low cost and steady property of glass beads materials, glass jewelry making has turned out to be a particularly hot trend. This article will show you how to make glass jewelry, a piece of lovely Japanese type earrings.

how to make glass jewelry

Materials used in glass jewelry making project:

Dyed Jade Bead

Glass Pearl Bead

Bicone Glass Bead

Abacus Glass Bead

Earring Hook

Beads Spacer



Tools used in glass jewelry making project:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Materials used in glass jewelry making project

How to make glass jewelry?

Step1: Prepare the separate branches

Part1: string the Bicone Glass Bead*1 with shorter Eyepin;

Part2: string Beads Spacer*2 and 6mmAbacus Glass Bead*1 with Eyepin;

Part3: string Beads Spacer*1, Dyed Jade Bead*1 and Glass Pearl Bead*1 with headpin;

Part4: string Beads Spacer*2 and 12mm Abacus Glass Bead*1 with headpin;

After grouping the above branches of your glass jewelry making project, leave proper length pin and bend loops with it.

Step2: How to make glass jewelry- glass jewelry pendant

Take four Jumprings and hang on the separate branches.

How to make glass jewelry main steps

Get it? Save time by making glass jewelry pendant at once; they are great gifts as well as wear by you. Besides attaching this pendant only onto earring hooks, you can also try hanging it onto your cellphones and handbags as well. So easy to learn and follow, just move and try how to make glass jewelry right now.

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