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How to make easy earrings in one minute

Summary: Up-to-date beaded earring tutorial about how to make easy earrings fun and quickly, best place for those are new to make own earrings projects!

Date : Aug 10, 2012

About how to make easy earrings, the most important factor is choosing the right components, such as the beads, tools and some other findings. For this beaded earring tutorial, I use black Handmade Silver Foil Glass Beads with Gold Sand Inside as the main part, which can be both elegant and delicate; and in addition, I make a fresh use of the common bead caps in my beaded earring tutorial. Now, I am going to show you how to make your own earrings…

beaded earring tutorial

Beads for making own earrings:

Handmade Silver Foil Glass Bead

Brass Rhinestone Bead

Glass Bead

Bead Cap

Brass Jumpring

Brass Ball Headpins

Iron Earring Hook


Tools for making own earrings:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Tools for making own earrings

How to make easy earrings?

Step1: Make the main drop part of own earrings

Take the brass ball headpins and string the Brass Rhinestone Beads and Handmade Silver Foil Glass Beads as the picture show.

Next, leave 7~8mm long for making a hook with the Round Nose Plier.

how to make easy earrings step1

Step2: Make the Glass Bead part of own earrings

According to the processes to prepare for this part, just replace the brass ball headpin with the eyepins.

how to make easy earrings step2

Step3: The highlights in making own earrings

While making easy earring, the most vital factor to keep your product standing out is your creative! Here, in this beaded earring tutorial, I adopt the bead cap rather than use merely Jumpring to connect the above two parts.

Select the ones with brass, flat them with the wire-cutter plier then.

how to make easy earrings step3

Step4: Assemble the above parts

Place the separate parts you have made in the above steps of beaded earring tutorial on a desk, then, group them up as the picture show for making the easy earrings completely!

how to make easy earrings step4

At last, before you set out to follow my beaded earring tutorial on how to make easy earrings, you need to consider a few things on the beads you may use. That may often depends on what kind style of earring do you want, elegant or lovely! Draft what you think before moving! In fact, make own earrings in one minute at home is not an actual hard work, is it?


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