How to make earring cards- stylistic colorful earring cards

Summary: The purpose of our how to make earring cards tutorial is to show you a pretty good and convenient way to make various colorful earring cards. Follow our steps to construct the lovely homes for your earrings.

Date : Sep 09, 2012

Nowadays, DIY is getting hotter and hotter around the world. Crafters think that designing and creating stuffs all by yourself is the most exciting and meaningful thing in the world. If you are a novice in earring making field, you should prepare some earring cards for your precious works.

How to make earring cards

Suppliers you need for how to make earring cards are cardboards, spray paints, pushpin, and scissors.

How to make earring cards step 1: tailor out proper earring card shapes

Scissor out the proper size of your earring cards out of cardboards, generally speaking, they should be about 10 cm*5 cm rectangle;

How to make earring cards step 2: color the earring card shapes

First, put the shapes on working table with a large paper padded under;

Second, apply your spray paints to color your earring cards, which totally depend on your likings and design.

How to make earring cards step 2

How to make earring cards step 3: finish the cool earring cards

Fold the earring cards in half, and use pushpin to punch two symmetrical holes on the cards in middle part.

Now our tutorial about how to make earring cards is completed and the cool and cute earring cards are created by yourselves. You see, it is really a simple way to customize your special earring cards. We are sure you can make them more unique in your personalized style.

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