How to make clip earrings-a practical way to make or convert a pair of clip earrings

Summary: Some of you may need a reasonable and quickest way to make a pair of clip earrings; our how to make clip earrings is just prepared for your convenient access and reference.

Date : Sep 10, 2012

Years earlier, clip on earrings are very popular in fashion and jewelry field. Just like current pierced earrings, clip on earrings are always favorites of most females. Perhaps owing to the age limits and girls afraid of piercing ear holes, clip on earrings are spreading fast in young girls. However, at that time jewelry making materials are hard to see in public market, therefore seldom do they prefer to study the way how to make clip earrings. Nowadays, still many of us adore the clip on earrings, and hop to try some clip on earrings tutorial.

Materials you need for how to make clip earrings:

Screw on findings or hinge clip findings, jump rings, beads or pendants of your choices, head pins, round nose plier

How to make clip earrings step 1: make the clips for earrings ready

Choose the desired clip findings, screw on findings or hinge clip findings (one pair); and then slightly open a jump ring and connect it with finding.

How to make clip earrings step 1

How to make clip earrings step 2: prepare the dangling part of clip on earrings

First, fetch a head pin, and slide your assortment of beads onto;

Second, use some spacers to secure beads if necessary;

Third, leave a proper length of the pin, and use plier to loop it

How to make clip earrings step 2

How to make clip earrings step 3: finish the clip on earrings

Assemble the dangling part and clip together by connecting the jump ring with beaded pendant; then repeat the above steps, and finish the other piece.

The pair of clip on earrings is well done, and our tutorial about how to make clip earnings is smoothly finished. And one thing should be paid attention when you make, that is, never choose overweight beads or pendants as earrings dangling.

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