How to make chain earrings with glass beads and acrylic beads

Summary: These earring making instructions are about the best and quickest way on how to make chain earrings; do it yourself.

Date : Aug 09, 2012

Chain earring spread over the world, and become popular in every corner. Just several beads, a piece of chain and few tools can help you to make a pair of pretty amazing earrings. Why are you still lingering around the earring stores, hesitating whether to buy the expensive luxury or not. This time I will offer you one of the most useful earring making instructions on how to make chain earrings at home. Just follow.

Chain earring.

Materials needed in this earring making instructions:

Round Faceted Glass Bead

Abacus Faceted Glass Bead

Imitation Pearl-style Acrylic Bead

Brass Rhinestone Bead

Iron Chain

Brass Ball Post Earstud

Brass Alloy Finding

Silver-color Iron Eyepin


Tools needed in this earring making instructions:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Tools needed in this earring making instructions

How to make chain earrings?

Step1: Make the main part of the chain earring

Firstly, string the beads with Eyepin, the order is: Abacus Faceted Glass Bead*1, Brass Rhinestone Bead*1, Round Faceted Glass Bead*1, Brass Rhinestone Bead*1, Abacus Faceted Glass Bead*1.

Secondly, string the imitation Pearl-style Acrylic Bead with eyepins and make loop at the other end with the Round Nose Plier.

Thirdly, cut out two 10mm long chain parts and connect them with the pearl part as the picture show.

How to make chain earrings step1

Step2: Make the outline of the chain earring

Cut out another section chain, about 80mm long. Next, add the chain at 20mm position on each tip, and the above are the main processes of the chain earring.

At last, attach the Brass Ball Post Earstud to the chain earring with using the jumping.

How to make chain earrings step2

The chain earrings are done. Now you can take this pair to show off before your friends and tell them this pair is a fantastic art work, because it is made totally by yourself. And if they are also interested in, you can share this earring making instructions about how to make chain earrings with glass beads and acrylic beads out. I don’t mind, because I like sharing.


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