How to make acrylic jewelry- a typical acrylic pendant necklace

Summary: Our tutorial about how to make acrylic jewelry is going to teach you a typical method to quickly make a nice-looking pendant necklace for your leisure times.

Date : Sep 17, 2012

Acrylic beads and pendants are everywhere in bead stores, and as far as I am concerned, craft classes often take how to make acrylic jewelry as one of beginners’ tutorials as the acrylic jewelry is always owning good visual effect and just entails simple craft skills, which can to a large extent attract newcomers attentions and arouse their interests

What you need for how to make acrylic jewelry are colorful acrylic beads and heart-shaped pendant for your choices, beading strings, jump ring, clasps, beading needle and scissors

step 1: position the acrylic pendant on string

First, measure the proper length of the acrylic necklace, snip off the string;

Second, attach acrylic pendant to a jump ring and connect jump ring with the string, meanwhile, place the pendant in center.

Third, string two crimp beads from both ends, and use plier to tightly crimp them, making the pendant secured in center.

How to make acrylic jewelry step 1

step 2: add acrylic beads onto string

Slide acrylic beads from both ends, the sizes, shapes, colors and order all depend on your design for this acrylic jewelry, and use crimp beads if necessary.

step 3: finish the acrylic jewelry

Install the clasp at ends and trim off excess strings.

How to make acrylic jewelry step 3

Till now the acrylic pendant jewelry is done and our tutorial about how to make acrylic jewelry is finished too. For beginners, the tutorial is easily accepted and the final jewelry result should be great.

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