How to make a wire bracelet—wire cuff bracelet

Summary: This instruction about how to make a wire bracket is quick and easy to learn. The bracelet you are going to manufacture is wire cuff one, exciting!

Date : Aug 17, 2012

Wire bracelet is a kind of popular wire jewelry. It is flexible in size and pattern. And for bracelet, people needn’t make it the length as necklace does. The length is accepted to just suit for the wearer’s wrist. Therefore, especially for wire jewelry novices, how to make a wire bracelet is what they care more about.

wire cuff bracelet.

When surfing the jewelry making websites, you may find some people adept to creating some stuffs new and novel, actually so do you! The original creations are not such mysteries. And some of which are not as complicated as you imagined. Several are virtually simple, and have perfect visual effects. Take as an example the wire cuff bracelet I will introduce next.

The wire cuff bracelet can be made of odd and end of the glass&crystal beads and copper strings, but is also able to transmit a touch of glamour and fashion style.

Then how to make wire cuff bracelet? The steps are as follows:

How to make a wire bracelet Step 1: prepare memory wire

Cut the left-over memory wire or other kind of gold plated wires into same length and the length should be suitable for the wearer’s wrist.

How to make a wire bracelet Step 2: complete the wire ends

Twist the ends of memory wire with round nose pliers.

How to make a wire bracelet Step 3: slide beads on

Thread the mixture of green glass beads or crystal beads from light one to dark one on brass wires or other gold colored wires which are similarly gauged. And then add the beaded brass wire to intertwine the memory wire.

Okay, the wire cuff bracelet is finished. You can try it on your wrist. And do some modify work to make it more suitable for your wearing.

You see, wire cuff bracelet is simply made as three steps shows. In order to solve the problem “How to make a wire bracelet”, you can have another try and use the same craft.

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